Our Vision

The vision of Massy Wood Group describes a winning, long-term journey that guides every aspect of our business. It is the framework that truly defines the success of our company through meaningful, functional relationships and a firm commitment to the people with whom we partner, the nation in which we operate, and the communities we touch.

We have adopted a matrix organisation structure where the key characteristic is our resource flexibility; a key element in ensuring that the present and future demands of the industry are met.

We have embarked on a ONE Team approach that offers security, growth and equal opportunities for all our employees, whose growth and development are intrinsically linked to the success of our business.

We strive to become closer to our local communities by creating impacting programmes that address the needs of the community.

In joint partnership with our clients, we aim to optimise the performance of their facilities, maintain production, reduce operating costs, ensure asset integrity and safely extend the operating life of their energy assets.

“Empowered to achieve excellence through joint
ownership and long term partnerships with our
people, clients and communities.
We belong to Massy Wood Group!
We belong to T&T!”