Project Management

j0385553The project management team within Massy Wood Group has the primary objective of meeting business objectives in a safe manner. They ensure project completion within the specified time and budget. With the extensive combination of technical knowledge of project activities and a broad understanding of industry and business drivers, the team is able to maintain the overall quality and integrity of the project. Working with several clients has resulted in an integrated set of proven Project Management processes and systems.


Some of the specialist services offered by the PM team include:

  • Contract Execution: execution of contract within the specified terms and conditions
  • Project Delivery: safe delivery of projects within budget and schedule
  • Project Management: develop and implement project management plan for the safe execution of projects
  • Change Management: ensuring project changes and its impacts are properly measured and managed
  • Risk Management:  identify project risks and develop mitigation plans
  • Cost Estimation: develop project estimates for various stages of engineering
  • Value Improvement Practices: a systematic approach that provides better value for money
  • Schedule Development: schedule development and monitoring to support project execution