Discipline Portfolio

The following discipline services are offered by a robust and experienced team of

Process Engineering

  • Development of PFDs, P&IDs, Heat and Mass Balances
  • Equipment sizing and specification
  • Control and Shutdown requirements
  • Feasibility and debottlenecking studies including process simulations, vent and blowdown simulations / studies, debottlenecking / capacity studies, equipment evaluations etc.
Process engineering
Technical Safety Engineering

  • HAZOP, HAZID and LOPA Facilitation
  • Consequence Analysis and Modelling
  • Fire Hazard Analysis (FHA)
  • Escape, Evacuation and Rescue Analysis

Tech Safety Revised
Mechanical Engineering

  • Proposal/Bid tab evaluation
  • Equipment specification, application and layout (Tanks,
    pumps, vessels, rotating equipment) including layout drawings
  • Review of supplier data and drawings
  • Material requisitions
  • Package engineering
  • Technical support for fabrication, testing, installation
    and startup of mechanical equipment
Mechanical Engineering
Piping Engineering

  • Plant layouts and general arrangements
  • Construct and destruct isometrics
  • Piping specification and Pipe supports
  • Valve and tie-point schedules
  • Stress Isometrics and Calculations
  • 3-D model developments
piping engineering
Civil/Structural Engineering

  • Design criteria, project specifications and standard details
  • Site preparation along with the design data acquisition
    associated with topographical, geotechnical and geophysical surveys
  • Foundation design
  • Roadwork and underground services
  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Steelwork design
  • Process and non-process buildings
  • Material procurement and quantity control
  • Temporary structures, falsework design and demolitions

Civil-Structural Engineering-300x200
Electrical Engineering

  • Power generation and distribution system design
  • Protection, Stability, Motor Starting and Coordination Studies
  • Motor, Transformer, Motor Control Center (MCC) datasheets
  • Cables and raceways
  • Lighting and grounding specification calculations and layouts

Electrical-Discipline Portfolio
Instrumentation and Control Engineering

  • Control and Safety Systems Engineering
  • PCS and SIS Specifications
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Functional Safety /SIL/LOPA
  • System Cause and Effects
  • Fire and Gas Detection System Details
  • Fiscal Metering
  • Field Instrumentation Details
  • Technical Requisitions, bid evaluations, vendor document review
  • Construction Support

Instrumentation and Control-Discipline Portfolio