Health, Safety, Security, Environment (HSSE) Focus

The key to an accident free workplace is accomplished by defining the scope of work, analysing the hazards, developing and implementing controls, performing work within the controls, and providing timely and effective feedback to enhance continuous improvement.

An understanding of this simple yet vital principle has been one of the foundations upon which Massy Wood Group has been building a strong Zero Accident culture.  The Massy Wood Group Safety Management System (SMS) is used to support the preparation of work management   systems such as project execution plans, work permits, task orders, subcontractor packages and projects and maintenance work orders.  This approach is designed to facilitate integration of HSSE into all facets of work activities at Massy Wood Group in order to achieve a Zero Accident Culture.

Our HSSE programme formalises and provides current, concise, safety, health and environment leading indicator activities to minimise and eliminate risk in the workplace. The HSSE policies / programmes establish the front line focus responsibilities for HSSE, identifying clear roles and responsibilities, competence commensurate with responsibilities, balanced priorities, identification of HSSE standards and requirements and hazard controls tailored to the work being performed.

18 Million Man Hours
Our Safety Credo
Although the financial success of Massy Wood Group is important, this WILL NOT be achieved at the expense of health, safety or the environment. We actively pursue the goal of a safe operation through the idea of
Think Safe and Act Safe to Be Safe.”