Going Green for Environment Day!

Going Green for Environment Day!

Friday June 5th, was the official celebration of World Environment Day!

Joining our Wood Group family in commemoration of the day, the Massy Wood Group Community team shared the excitement of going green with five Pre-schools in the Mayaro / Rio Claro area!

Over one hundred food plants such as pimento, lettuce, patchoi and tomato were bought and distributed to the students of the Guayaguayare, Mayaro, Ortoire and Cushe Early Childhood Schools. These were then planted on the school compounds, as well as given to the children to plant at home with their families. The students and teachers further participated by wearing green t-shirts or ribbons in celebration of the day.

This initiative contributed to the pre-existing gardening projects at two of the schools. There the produce will be sold to generate funds towards the purchase of school books and minor building upgrades.

Going Green for Environment Day