Certified Through Easy Plus!

Certified Through Easy Plus!

On May 1st, 2015, the Equipment Abilities System or EASY Plus, was launched at Massy Wood Group. EASY Plus is an advanced, online competence assessment tool that is used as part of our Competency Assurance System (CAS).

Three months following the launch, we are delighted to recognise our first two Technicians to attempt and successfully pass the EASY Plus examination: Marlon Skerrette and Ravi Seujattan! After weeks of intense studies, dedicating over 500 combined hours in the system in preparation for the final examination, they each completed the assessment on Friday 14th August, 2015. Both men are now certified competent in their fields, for a period of two years.

We thank and celebrate both Marlon and Ravi for their time and effort dedicated to completing the EASY Plus assessment. You guys did an outstanding job!.

Easy Plus 1

(L-R): Susanna Reyes-Questel (Training & Competence Coordinator) & Ravi Seujattan (Electrical Technician IV).

Easy Plus 2

(L-R): Arian Rajh (Business Support Manager), Marlon Skerrette (Instrumentation Technician III) & Elvis Foster (CAS Assessor).